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About Steve Carter of ABS Insulating

Steve Carter
Steve Carter, a native of Union County, was an owner of ABS Insulating since he helped open the doors of the company in 1991. Steve was very hands-on in the industry and came from a list of great field experiences.

Steve attended Central Piedmont Community College and graduated with a B.S. in Architectural Engineering. He had been involved in new home construction in and around Charlotte since 1975. He worked at McClure Lumber and gained experience in the sales field as a building supplies salesman. He accepted a position at Carolina Insulation and worked there for 10 years before deciding to start his own company. It was at Carolina Insulation where he met friend and business partner Allan Hoppe. Steve has attended the Dale Carnegie sales seminars and Anderson Window School. Steve attended Sun Valley High School and married his high school sweetheart, Kathy.

Steve was very involved with the business and the day-to-day activities. He focused on sales and production and was responsible for maintaining relationships with many of the larger clientele of ABS Insulating.

Steve loved to travel. Depending on the season, you could often find Steve enjoying a long weekend at his mountain or beach house.