JM Spider Plus Insulation in Charlotte

Installed by the Trusted Professionals at ABS Insulating

Johns Manville’s (JM) Spider® Plus is a cavity spray fiberglass insulation with high performance. ABS Insulating in Charlotte, NC specializes in installing JM Spider Plus at a competitive price point. This insulation is engineered to fill open cavities such as walls before drywall installation.

About JM Spider Plus Insulation

JM Spider Plus is manufactured with interlocking fibers. When installed, these fibers spring and lock into place without adhesive and without installing behind netting. This technology allows JM Spider Plus to fill any gaps and voids in a cavity and has quick drying times. This keeps your project moving on schedule and gives your project great energy performance. JM Spider Plus is formaldehyde-free and is naturally mold resistant. It produces minimal dust during installation, which means quicker job cleanup than other spray-in systems.

The Advantages of Choosing JM Spider Plus

When installing insulation in your home or business, it only makes sense to choose the best. The following are just some of the many advantages of JM Spider Plus insulation:

  • Complete Coverage – Spider Plus blown-in insulation is effective in tight spaces as well as in areas with large amounts of cross-bridging, voids, and small gaps.
  • Fast Drying – Spider Plus dries completely upon installation. It’s that simple!
  • Formaldehyde-free – Installing formaldehyde-free products helps keep indoor air healthy.
  • Thermally Efficient – Spider Plus has R-values up to R-25 in a 6” cavity and provides effective resistance to heat transfer.
  • Fire Resistant – This form of insulation has a Flame Spread rating of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed rating of 50 or less.
  • Sound Control – Spider Plus reduces sound transmission through both exterior and interior walls, as well as floor and ceiling assemblies.
  • Resilient Inorganic Glass – This insulation is noncorrosive to pipes, wiring, and metal studs. It also results in no rotting, mildew, or deterioration.
Attic insulation by ABS Insulating

Providing Insulation for Homeowners & Builders

ABS Insulating provides insulation for homeowners and builders in Charlotte, NC. Our experienced team specializes in a variety of insulation services including crawl space insulation, wall insulation, blown-in wall system, commercial gutter installation, and more. We are the area experts in metal building insulation and commercial and multifamily insulation. We were founded in 1991 and became a member of the National Insulation Contractors Exchange in 1999. We’re proud to be part of the truly American industry, and we want to assist you in your next project. Contact us today for a free estimate!