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Alfred Ford, "Installer of the Year" poses with prize check from Owens Corning®

ABS Insulating’s Own Alfred Ford Named “Installer of the Year” by Global Insulation Leader Owens Corning®

Alfred Ford, "Installer of the Year" poses with prize check from Owens Corning®At ABS Insulating we value not only our customers, but also our employees. We are a family and when one member of our family rejoices, we rejoice with them. Currently, we are celebrating with Alfred Ford, one of our most talented installers, for being chosen as the 2022 ExCEEd On the Job Installer of the Year by the global insulation leader Owens Corning®. Alfred was presented with his award recently at the Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® (CEE) National Meeting and the ExCEEd On the Job Awards at the Omni Hilton Head Ocean Front Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

This national award is a huge honor for Alfred, ABS Insulating and our customers. “I and the entire ABS team stand and applaud Alfred for this incredible, well deserved honor and his many years of service and dedication to our company and customers. We are honored to have him as a part of the ABS Insulating family,” says Allan Hoppe, ABS Insulating’s owner.

Danny Allen, ABS Insulating’s division manager, concurs. “Alfred has been our company’s go-to person for over 25 years. The builders we work with frequently request Alfred for their projects, given the consistent excellence and timely quality he provides. ABS Insulating would not be the company it is today without Alfred’s dedication and talent.”

Only the very best insulation contractors, such as Alfred, have what it takes to be in the exclusive Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® Program and become an Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® Professional. Program members are trained, tested and trusted to help make any home or building a better place to be. Each day, they work with builders and homeowners to help make buildings and homes quiet, comfortable and energy smart. As an energy performance consultant, Alfred has been trained to help optimize comfort, noise control and energy efficiency in homes. As an elite insulation contractor, Alfred and his fellow program members are tested to meet the highest standards, delivering advanced solutions based on decades of building science research.

The ExCEEd On the Job Awards recognize insulation professionals who go above and beyond to ensure excellence. Throughout the year, Certified Energy Expert® representatives from across the country nominate employees who excel in the workplace. Owens Corning recognizes regional award winners each quarter and it is from these candidates that the Installer of the Year was selected. As Installer of the Year, Alfred will receive not only an all-expenses-paid trip to the next National Certified Energy Expert® Meeting, but a $1,000 cash prize as well.

For ABS Insulating, this exclusive award reiterates our exceptional industry leadership. Alfred could not be more deserving of this award and we continue to strive to recognize our employees for their hard work and dedication to our customers and our industry. It is our goal to value our family of employees and remain committed to retaining the industry’s top talent. Homeowners and builders alike can be assured that ABS Insulating professionals have the skills and experience to deliver comprehensive energy-saving solutions.

Our Commitment to You and Our Team Members

At ABS Insulating, we have served Charlotte, North Carolina with professional insulation and air sealing services for over 30 years and have recently expanded to serve Myrtle Beach and beyond. Our insulating team specializes in energy-saving residential and commercial insulation, along with gutter installation. It is only with committed experts on our team, like Alfred, that we are one of the region’s top insulation contractors. As a locally owned company we are committed to providing our customers with superior products, excellent workmanship and reliable service. We have been a member of the National Insulation Contractors’ Exchange (NICE) since 1999.

To learn more about Alfred and our talented ABS Insulating family, visit

ABS 30th-anniversary team gathering (March 4th, 2021)

ABS Insulating Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

ABS 30th-anniversary team gathering (March 4th, 2021)Our story began on February 18, 1991, when founders Allan Hoppe, the late Bill Pettus, and the late Steve Carter filed as a corporation within North Carolina. Their company name was generated from their first names – Allan, Bill, Steve.

Having already spent several years developing relationships in the insulation world, each partner brought his area of expertise to the equation, contributing to critical decision-making procedures early in the start-up process.

In his early 30s at the time, Allan managed the administrative side of the business along with his duties as a salesman. Steve, in his late 30s, was the gregarious one of the group, implementing his natural skills to spread the word about ABS Insulating and attracting their clients. Bill, in his early 50s, was the most established of the three.

cake from ABS's 30th-anniversary team gathering (March 4th, 2021)A few years after the business was established, Bill left the company to pursue other opportunities. He eventually returned to the insulation industry to start “Pender and Pettus,” now a TruTeam company. The ABS team suffered a great loss when Steve passed away unexpectedly on March 20, 2009, leaving Allan as the sole owner and forever leaving a void in the fabric of our business.

During their growth, ABS Insulating has celebrated many milestones.

  • In 1999, ABS joined the National Insulation Contractors Exchange (NICE), an organization consisting of independent insulation contractors from around the country who come together to trade ideas and stay up to speed on the latest industry trends.
  • ABS Spray Foam was founded in 2009, allowing the company to offer a new, trendy product to its customers.
  • ABS 30th-anniversary team gathering (March 4th, 2021)In 2012, the company opened a second branch, ABS Coastal Insulating, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and is one of the premier insulation providers in South Carolina’s low country. Jeff Hoppe, Allan’s brother, serves as a co-owner, before which he was a sales consultant for ABS Insulating.

Through all these milestones and growing pains, our commitment to our customers and the community has remained strong. We’ve been honored to serve you over the past 30 years and look forward to many years to come.

Thank you for your support, and we invite you to join us in celebrating 30 years of ABS Insulating in the Carolinas!

Why Your Home Needs Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space InsulationYou may not give much thought to insulating your crawl space. But high humidity in soil makes crawl spaces susceptible to moisture and deterioration. The humidity causes the crawl space to become damp and this environment can attract mold, dust and dirt, rodents and insects. This unhealthy environment in your crawl space directly affects your home and family. Since air flows from the ground upward, the moist air from your crawl space and all the contaminants flow up into your living space.

Benefits of insulating your crawl space:

  • Increased comfort – The temperature in your crawl space will be regulated so you will have less drafts and cold spots in the rooms above your crawl space.
  • Better air quality – The air you breathe will be cleaner because it will contain less pollutants.
  • Energy savings – With proper insulation in your crawl space, your HVAC system will be able to work less to regulate the air in your home.
  • Money savings – Because your heating and cooling system will be more efficient, your energy usage will be decreased, saving you money on your monthly bills.

Insulating and sealing your crawl space is important for the health of your home and family. Contact us to schedule your crawl space estimate.

How to protect pipes in a crawl space

Because your crawl space has air vents and is in contact with the ground, it is exposed to outside elements. This could cause pipes in your crawl space to freeze during even a brief cold spell. It is important to take precautionary steps to protect your crawl space before temperatures dive. If not, you could end up with burst pipes.

Some of the most common quick fixes are incorrect and simply do not work. These fixes include closing the air vents, letting your faucets trickle, or wrapping vents and pipes. There are many reasons why these fixes do not work:

  • Closing air vents can cause moisture buildup leading to possible mold and wood rot.
  • Leaving the faucet running during a hard freeze can cause water buildup in pipes causing them to crack, split or become completely blocked off.
  • Wrapping pipes and vents can be a bad idea. The condensation that comes with a humid climate can get trapped under the insulation and cause mold to grow.

The best solution is to insulate your crawl space to help maintain a consistent temperature in your crawl space. This reduces the likelihood of freezing pipes or condensation buildup and can help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Reach out to a professional insulation expert for a quote. Contact ABS Insulating and we can help!

How much do gutters cost?

Rain gutters are an important part of a home’s function as well as its beauty. Rain gutters help protect your home’s structure from costly water damage and can extend the life of your home. Rain gutters can also add beauty to your home. With many colors and styles available, rain gutters can add a finishing touch to your home’s exterior.

The cost of rain gutters can vary. Factors that influence the cost of rain gutters include the size, material, addition of leaf gutter protection and more. Gutters come in a variety of sizes, most common are 5” and 6” gutters. Adding leaf protection to a new gutter system can help prevent debris from accumulating in the gutters and can help them to function properly.

What is most important is to have rain gutters professionally installed. If gutters are not properly installed, water can leak behind exterior walls and pool around the foundation. Be sure your home is properly protected and hire a professional gutter company. The gutter pros at ABS Insulating provide free estimates and can help protect your home from costly water damage.

Air Sealing to prevent Allergy Symptoms in Charlotte, NC & Charleston, SC

Allergy Symptoms? Air Seal!

Air SealingSpringtime in Charlotte, NC means summer and long, fun-filled days are coming soon. If you suffer from allergies, spring and summer may not be seasons that you welcome. Dust and pollutants can enter your home through your home penetration points which exist around windows, HVAC venting, can lights, and chimneys. The allergens then reside in the air you breathe and can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms.

By air sealing your home, you can prevent outside pollutants from infiltrating your home. Additionally, after air sealing your home, you and your family will be more comfortable all year long. Drafts will be reduced and the temperature inside your home will be easier to regulate. An additional benefit is that your energy bills may be lower than if your home is not air sealed.

Always hire a professional when air sealing your home whether it is an existing home or a new build. A professional is able to detect penetration points in your home that are not visible to the naked eye and will ensure that your home is thoroughly and correctly air sealed.

Interested in air sealing? Contact our office to schedule your free air sealing estimate!

Crawl Space Inspection in Charlotte, NC & Charleston, SC

Crawl Space Inspection in Charlotte, NC

Crawl Space Inspection in Charlotte, NCTimes flies and it is already spring! We will enjoy more sunshine and warmer weather. But it also means winter snow and ice will be melting and we can expect spring showers.

It is important to make sure that your crawl space is in good condition so water does not enter and your home maintains its structural integrity.

To prepare your home for spring, keep these tips in mind when you examine your crawl space:

If your crawl space is correctly insulated and conditioned, the floors in your home will sustain a more even temperature. Consider using spray foam insulation if you decide to insulate your crawl space. One benefit of spray foam is that it insulates, seals cracks and other penetration points in one process.

You can add storage space and increase the square footage of your home by totally sealing your crawl space (also known as a conditioned crawl space).

The formation of cracks in your crawl space walls is common. These cracks should be sealed to keep moisture and pests out of your crawl space. Spray foam can help by insulating and air sealing in one step.

By directing drainage away from your foundation you will help keep water from coming into your crawl space. With proper drainage away from your home, water will flow away from your crawl space. If you notice that water is pooling around your home, it is time to call a landscape architect or other professional to correct this issue by adding grading around your home.

With the arrival of Spring, now is a great time to check out your crawl space. Contact our office to schedule a free estimate. Contact us if you have other crawl space or insulation questions!

Retrofit Insulation for a Commercial Space

Insulation for Commercial SpaceLooking for retrofit insulation for a commercial space or warehouse? There are many great insulation
products to meet your need. One cost-effective solution is the RetroShield® System.

Venturini Motorsports is located in Concord, NC. Their facility was insulated 20 years ago. That insulation began to fail which affected comfort and energy efficiency, not to mention it was visually unappealing. After considering other insulation methods, Venturini Motorsports chose the RetroShield® System.

This system uses patented Clip & Pin components that are installed in one pass to reduce any downtime. In addition to adding R-value and increasing energy efficiency, RetroShield® helps brighten the workspace and improves the overall appearance.

If you are looking for a retrofit insulation solution for your commercial space or warehouse, we can help! Contact ABS Insulating to discuss your project.

Attic Insulation in Charlotte, NC

Attic Insulation in Charlotte, NC

Attic Insulation in Charlotte, NCMost people think that insulating their attic is unnecessary and a waste of money because no one lives
or sleeps there, right? Wrong! Insulation will help keep your home’s inside temperature cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Insulation adds a lid to your home to keep the heat from escaping in the cold months and warm air from entering your home from the outside in the warm months.

After thoroughly cleaning your attic to get rid of any pest remains or droppings, air sealing and insulation should be installed. Air sealing closes any openings that might allow moisture, outside air or pests to enter. Insulation creates a thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

Attic insulation can assist in reducing energy cost and make your home more comfortable. Contact us today to discuss your home’s attic insulation.

Insulate & Seal Crawl Space in Charlotte

Winter is around the corner. Unless you’ve invested in home energy improvements this year, your home will be as inefficient and uncomfortable this winter as it was last year. If your home has a crawl space, sealing and insulating your crawl space can dramatically improve your home’s comfort, reduce energy bills and improve the quality of air inside your home.

Today’s building science proves that what’s underneath your home affects the inside comfort. A home’s natural airflow is from bottom to top (floor to ceiling). As your home naturally breathes, air is drawn up from the basement or crawl space, through the living area and out the attic. This natural airflow means air from a moist crawl space (and everything in the crawl space) flows up and into your home’s living area.

Here are three reasons to insulate your crawl space before winter:

  1. Improved air quality
    Crawl spaces are naturally damp. As your home breathes, air from your crawl space flows into your home’s living space through penetration points around wiring, plumbing holes and more. This means the air in your crawl space is mingling with the air you breathe. Not only is this distasteful, it’s unhealthy. Air sealing and insulating your crawl space will improve the air quality and help keep pollutants out of your home.
  2. Lower energy bills
    Does your furnace run more than you’d like during winter? This is a result of your HVAC system heating air from the crawl space that’s mingling with the air that’s already been heated. This means your HVAC system is continually working to maintain your home’s internal temperature. This results in higher energy bills and more wear and tear on your HVAC system.
  3. A more comfortable home
    An unfinished crawl space affects your home’s everyday comfort. Are your floors cold? Is your main living area significantly cooler than the upper level of your home? Sealing and insulating your crawl space will help with these issues. After a short time in an uncomfortable home, you’ll wish you had invested in insulating your crawl space.

You may have other questions about your crawl space. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your specific situation. Ready to upgrade your crawl space? Contact us to schedule a free crawl space estimate.